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Our encounter has brought to life the idea that painting can serve the artistic heritage as well as the creation of original decors. Through the Atelier’s work, we seek to renew the codes of decorative classical elements with inventiveness, thus giving them a contemporary signature.

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Célina Blundell

 Franco-British by nationality, Celina Blundell grew up in a family of artists, painters, sculptors and decorators.

After studying in the French Lycées of London, Brussels and Pondicherry, she trained in figurative painting and restauration of painted decor, as well as in traditional gilding and lacquer techniques, in some of the best decoration studios of Paris.

During those years of training, she worked worldwide, from the Middle East to Russia and Cambodia.

In 2013 she created the Atelier Blundell with Christophe Therrien but continued to produce paintings that have been exhibited and sold amongst established collectors.

Christophe Therrien

With a diploma from the Duperré National School of Applied Arts, and then from the Paris Fine Arts School in 1986, Christophe Therrien specialized in pictural and large format painting.  The quality of his work is based upon an impressive mastery of draftsmanship, as well as of traditional figurative painting.

After working in the Simonini atelier, he was soon spotted by some of the best artistic institutions and renowned decoration companies.  He created large scale decors for the Meriguet-Carrère studio in Paris, film sets for Thierry Flamand, monumental paintings with the artist Xavier Veilhan, as well as regularly working as first painter in the Paris Opera House.

He regularly holds exhibitions in Parisian art galleries.

Our interest in the beauty and durability of ancient techniques, through the use of natural pigments and glues, as well as mineral paints, gives our decors the atmosphere of a timeless creation.


Projects undertaken by the Atelier are first and foremost the subject of an in-depth study, with priority given to understanding and advice.

We perform a detailed survey of the project context so that we can propose the most appropriate solutions. Plans and graphic studies are created in watercolours for each of our creative proposals, because we believe that the hand’s intelligence remains unmatched.

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The Atelier works in close collaboration with a team formed over the years, artists and craftsmen with exceptional know-how, whose diversity and complementarity enable us to manage large-scale projects, from preparation to completion, while committing to respecting agreed deadlines.

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